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August 21 2016 0Comment

Tree Surgery Best Practice

Tree pruning, removing dead branches and unsightly growth is a basic requirement to keep a tree in a safe and healthy condition, maintain a pleasing form and acceptable size, promote growth and uplift the quality of flowers, fruit and timber.  Incorrect pruning is often the cause of disease, trees becoming hazardous and losing an otherwise attractive form. When […]

April 06 2015 0Comment

Sacred Trees

It’s an interesting fact that trees make a significant appearance in a number of religious and spiritual practices. Biblical & Jewish texts make metaphorical use of trees, the Kabbalah’s  “tree of life” and the Biblical “tree of knowledge” in the book of Genesis. Also The Bodhi tree in Buddhist writings, under which The Buddha is known to have reached enlightenment. Druids and pagans were also […]

April 06 2015 0Comment

Trees & Building Foundations

Buildings and settlements on sites close to trees can be fraught with problems. Problems arise as trees can fluctuate the water content within the surrounding soil considerably, this can lead to soil shrinkage or swelling (known as heave). This process, if severe, can cause cracking and movement of foundations and damage entire buildings. Depending on the species of tree, as […]