Slide1 We stay professional and pragmatic and find the best solutions. JAMES CLEGG Founder of New Wood Trees


New Wood Tree Care was founded by James Clegg as a way to contribute and get involved in the natural environment.

“After a number of years of working within the corporate world in Central London, the modern ‘indoor-centric’ working practices started to become an irksome fact of life”.

Thus was born the idea of expanding a life time interest into a service based business.  After acquiring the necessary skills and qualifications by working and learning with other like minded Arborists, New Wood Trees become a reality, we now service a range of people across the Sussex region, bringing our great love of the out doors to everything we do.




Tree surgery comes with an element of risk, to both practitioners and the public located close to working sites.  Safety is always priority #1, we carry full public liability insurance and all our people undergo intensive courses to acquire competency in the areas that they work in.



Taking pride in the work we do goes to the heart of our approach, badly pruned or reduced trees can have a lasting effect on the health of a tree, it’s general form and place within the landscape. Like beautiful buildings, trees can enhance our environment if treated with care and attention.



As an overriding principle we strive to make improvements as part of any project that we work on.  This can range from increasing the flow of light into a shaded area, remove damaged or hazardous trees or simply to enhance what resides there already.